And yet again, I had another privilege to get the opportunity to re-imagine and celebrate the story-telling of Roald Dahl with the Blind Elephants last Thursday 28th July at the Jam Art Factory.

Revolting Rhymes was always one of my favorites. A parodying rendition of the infamous folktales of Goldilocks, Cinderella, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood; with dark and sinister humor.  It was hard to chose from, but Little Red Riding Hood won hands down!

What a whopper night hosted by Jam Art, and great to see what everyone produced for the show. Roald Dahl Vs The Blind Elephants- rockin’!

Jam Art Factory has been bringing the wild imaginings of Irish artists to your living room wall for a while now. Prints from emerging designers and illustrators based over the country adorn their city centre walls and they are always seeking out the newest, freshest images. 

The Blind Elephant Collective are a group of Dublin based illustrators who formed a group in 2009 to set themselves bi-weekly illustration challenges. Inspired by their approach, Jam Art asked them to create illustrations inspired by the writing of of everyone’s fantasy granddad, Roald Dahl.

The humorous and beautifully sensitive illustrations of Quentin Blake which marked most of our childhoods are difficult to forget, but the Blind Elephants were definitely up to the challenge. 

Each illustration is available to purchase at their Patrick Street shop, is signed by the artist and limited to only 30 prints. They can be purchased for a piff-whiffling €30 so avoid an absolute trogglehumper and pick them up from the hopscotchy people at Jam Art Factory!” –Jam Art Factory

Revolting Rhymes AConroy
Revolting Rhymes: Little Red Riding Hood. pen, ink, collage and digital media; 2016


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